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6th June meeting

6th June meeting
June 20, 2017 admin

This meeting took place downstairs in the bar, for a chance.  The refurbishments to the club are continuing apace and our usual room was being redecorated.

We had a good turnout.  In particular, there was a welcome return for Tony Batkin who is now with Hartgraph Print, who do printing and more.  He extended an open invitation to everyone to visit his new company. 

Jonathan Pomroy reminded everyone that Pomroy Associates Limited are focusing on “business advisory”, which includes providing monthly advice to their clients and being proactive and dealing with issues as they arise.  He warned everyone that there is a new phishing email allegedly from HMRC being circulated called “Your Tax Report” which, if you receive it, you should delete immediately and not open it.

Lisa Devayya from Hatfield Borough Council reminded everyone that there is an online business directory that is free to enter and she recommended all members do so.  Once 100 business are registered then it will go live on the system.  A new Chief Executive is also expected to be in post soon.  Also, keep your eyes out for the economic development forum’s newsletter. 

Lloyd Gilmore liked looking for rainy weather because he knows how to make the sun shine.  I think he is talking metaphorically regarding people and businesses with financial problems or, he may have supernatural powers, I am not sure which.

On more certain ground, David Spring of Welwyn Garden City Golf Club reminded us that the bar area of the club is available for hire and also that social memberships are available.  There is a captain’s day coming up on Friday, 30 June and please try and get a team together if you can.

Rob Andrew talked to us about de-regulation in the water industry and how Auditel can help you review your water bills to see if you have been overcharged. 

Mark Rowley is celebrating one year in his new shop and is seeking either monthly flower orders, such as the husband who has a bunch of flowers delivered to his wife every month or, of course, for weddings.  Because he attends Covent Garden Market early every morning he gets the choice of the best and the most unusual flowers. 

Nick Lofthouse can not only help with mortgage finance and equity release but also insurance products as well.  He told us about a number of his clients he has helped recently.

Katherine Bean is building exceptional businesses.  She has a particular product that she is promoting at the moment being her security code book which will provide you with an enormous number of hopefully impenetrable passwords to protect your business.  She is interested in speaking to any other business who would like to re-sell that book or to white label it for themselves. 

Jo Bayne of Sweet Charity is seeking to put charities in the spotlight for all the good work they do. 

Mark Henderson of LVN Fleet Management told us that there are lots of special offers around for vans at the moment.  He can help if you need a new van. 

Mike Williams of Chamberlain Stean & West issued a plea for calm ahead of the election (which was two days away at that point) and said that now is not the time to sell and run to cash.  His advice was to stay invested. 

Finally, I talked about survival.  I had been reading a book by Megan Hine called “Mind of a Survivor” and it is interesting for business purposes because she talks about decision making processes which have as much relevance out in the wilderness as they do in the jungle that is the business world.  If you want to know more about her, she has her own website at and you can also find her on Facebook as well.  She is well worth checking out.

Don’t forget that Pomroy Minor  is organising a social event at Bill’s on Wednesday 28th June – please let him know tomorrow if you will be attending.

We next meet up on 20 June and please be sure to let Nick and David know as soon as possible if you will be attending and apologies for getting these notes out late. 

See you tomorrow (oops)

Michael Scutt


Head of Employment and Dispute Resolution




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