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The B4-9 Story

When and why did B4-9 Networking start?

The B4-9 Business Network has been running since 2008. It was set up by a group of like-minded local business owners who believed Hertfordshire needed a different kind of networking group – one where strong relationships and implicit trust could be formed slowly and amicably. We weren’t interested in formal referrals or compulsory attendance so we created B4-9. It’s a philosophy and approach that has brought great benefits to our members.

Eight years on, we’re still meeting every other Tuesday morning to help each other grow and develop – personally and professionally – over a delicious, healthy breakfast. Together we form a highly diverse group with a range of valuable skills in business. We count mortgage brokers, solicitors, property specialists and digital marketers among us. Now in 2017 we want to grow and develop even further.

“B4-9 is the only local networking group I’ve ever truly enjoyed being a part of. I genuinely look forward to every meeting and always take something away with me, whether it’s a handy tip, contact information or a new job!”

Jane Doe, B4-9 Member

The group is more relaxed than traditional business networking groups. We focus on supporting each other’s businesses through sharing knowledge and advice. Many other groups focus very strongly on the passing of referrals, but we believe this leads to quantity at the expense of quality and a lot of wasted time.

Does the B4-9 business network sound like something you’d like to be a part of?  Get in touch today!

How does B4-9 work?