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How business networking happens at B49

How business networking happens at B49
March 29, 2017 admin

Dear All

Apologies to all for the lack of a round up last week but I missed the last meeting in the middle of March. At this, our last meeting in March, our 7th of the year would you believe, there was a good turn out and it was good to see Steve from Decorus Tubes (?) come along as a guest of Jonathan Pomroy.

Jonathan reminded us that CS Pomroy & Co is soon to become Pomroy Associates as soon as they can deal with all the compliance and regulatory issues. Lloyd Gilmore is now with Benedict McKenzie in Borehamwood. He is a business surgeon, who can help company’s take out the failing parts of their business that are no longer needed.

By way of contrast, the Welwyn Florist is thriving, having just gone through its busiest EVER Mother’s Day, which Mark Rowley puts down to increased footfall from their new location. However, Mark is not content with that and although he has lots of work coming up, he would still like to speak to Justin Burgess (JJ Burgess & Son), the local funeral directors.

Nick Lofthouse, who was chairing the meeting, reminded everyone that he does not just do mortgage brokering but can also help with making sure you have the right insurance policy in place to protect yourself in case of illness or accidents. I can vouch for this as he has organised policies for me and my wife.

Katherine Bean at DVANA is looking to speak to business owners whose heads are in danger of exploding. By this, she is referring to those business owners who are trying to do 10 different things at once, 24/7 and she can provide them will tools and techniques to get more organization in their life.

Olivier Carion is a personal business mentor who will help business owners to achieve their goals. With the longer days coming, he is looking forward to playing tennis and reminded us of the need to have the right tools for the job.

David Spring talked about playing Golf and said that because Welwyn Garden City Golf Club is the only members golf club in the area, they plough the profits back in to the course to keep in such good condition and make it one of the best courses to play in the area. He has lots of membership offers on at the moment so please talk to him if you know anyone who would like to play golf.

Jo Bayne of Sweet Charity is now working with a local charity called Transitions who provide mentoring and peer to peer support for disadvantaged teenagers/young adults and will be helping Transitions to move into Hertfordshire.

Mike Williams reminded us that the Tax year is rapidly coming to an end and he is interest in speaking to business owners who have money to put either into ISA’s or into their pension pots.

Kat Hornsey is with Utility Warehouse discount club and she provided a 5 minute talk on how Utility Warehouse works and why in particular, it suits her and her husband. She is keen to speak to anyone who is worried about having high utility bills and would like to speak to more Estate Agents, IFA’s, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers etc, who will have clients who might be looking to reduce their bills or move into new properties.

Martin Henderson of LVM, also gave us a 5 minute presentation about his history and why as an independent brokerage, he is able to get you the best deals on finance for vehicles. His new venture is LVM Blue Light which built upon his previous experience with St. Johns Ambulance and they are looking to finance emergency vehicles.

Ann Nolan from Chilli Pilates is an Osteopath based at The Gosling and she bought along a prop in being a model of a spine and gave a very interesting talk on how problems can arise with movements, including looking over the top of one’s reading glasses can give you neck problems.

Vivienne Neale is a digital marketer and she picked up on the recent furore over WhatsApp and encryption. Cyber security is a double edged sword. We should not lose sight of the fact that if the police and security services had “back door” into our social media accounts, that could be misused by criminals/terrorists as well. To put it another way, you wouldn’t have a trap door in a safe deposit box would you? Please read her article on the subject here



Tony Batkin talked about the perils of counterfeiting in printing and how they can use a product which when photocopied will not reproduce as the same colour so that it would be clear to know when something had been copied and misused.

Stephen Dooley was pleased in moving into his new premises and they had a successful launch last Friday attended by Grant Shapps. He thanked those members of B49 that attended.

Finally, I talked about how as a firm we can assist people with all types of legal issues and if you need any help, please do get in touch with me.

Vivienne is coordinating our new website and at the meeting on 25 April, Nick has arranged for a photographer to come along to take profile pictures of us all, so please do all attend. Before then, please get your profiles to Vivienne so she can populate the website so that it can go live. It will be a much needed and improved website and well help raise the profile of the group.

The next meeting is on April 11th and Mark Rowley will be in the chair. Please bring a prop with you (but NOT your mobile phone!!).

Until then


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