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9th May 2017 Meeting

9th May 2017 Meeting
June 9, 2017 admin

It was a small and intimate gathering in our first meeting in May.  This of course gave everyone the opportunity to speak for slightly longer than 60 seconds. 


Jonathan Pomroy brought along a prop (which he had sourced via Jem) of a roller banner.  Jonathan’s duties at Pomroy Associates clearly do not include erecting said banner, but it looked very good when it was finally up!!!  Many congratulations to Jonathan and Chris for the re-branding of their business (which is taking place with the help of Jem) and the message to get across is that Pomroy Associates are not just accountants but are business advisers by looking to help you grow your business. 


Mike Williams is holding a seminar on 24 May at Aubrey House Hotel where he will be discussing how you can grow your money.  I’m going.


By way of contrast, Rob Andrew of Auditel will help you increase your profit and efficiency by reducing your business overheads.


For Nick Lofthouse, size isn’t important; he wants to meet people who want to wear sunglasses and put on more sunscreen, which they can potentially do by releasing equity in their property rather than downsizing.  Nick had a client who (if I have recorded this property) borrowed £50,000 at a rate of 4% fixed for the whole term. 


Debbie Glinnan is helping employers avoid employment tribunals and she can advise you on all those issues. 


Evidence is always important in employment tribunals and Jem reminded us that companies need evidence upon which to base their marketing decisions.  They can gather evidence by using an independent researcher and case studies.


Jo Bayne of Sweet Charity reported that she has had an epic week and has been carrying out a market research project in the not for profit sector.


Lloyd Gilmore talked about synergy and how everyone in the group should be having 1-2-1’s.


Martin Henderson of LVM Vehicles, supply vehicles of any size to private individuals or small businesses but they recently sourced a rapid response vehicle for Charity.


Mark Rowley of Welwyn Florist, a retail and business florist invited everyone to come and have a look in his excellent new shop which is a great place to work.  They are particularly interested in providing flowers for company presentation evenings and graduation ceremonies.  They come from North London up into Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire.


I also spoke a few words about we can help employers, employees and people with all sorts of legal issues. I went through the documents that we need from clients so that we can assess their case and provide them with hopefully, a preliminary timely assessment of their situation and we like to tell it like it is to the client so they are fully aware of their situation at the outset.


In the business information slot, I then went on to discuss the need for complaint procedures to not just go through the motions of responding and apologising but actually try and address the issues raised by the customer, you may remember the issue with my son’s cycling helmet and the visor which fell off because the two retaining pins dropped out.  The latest saga in the instalment is that Halfords sent me two replacement visors, neither of which actually fit.


We then stopped for breakfast but while eating and digesting it (have you tried the porridge It is excellent) we considered what other types of business we would like to see in the room. Suggestions included a surveyor, photographer, estate agent, IT services person, perhaps a management consultant, as well as corporate lawyer and insurance broker.  If you know anyone in these categories, please sound them out.


At around 9am we adjourned and we will next meet on the 23 May 2017.


Until then.


Best regards



Michael Scutt


Head of Employment and Dispute Resolution



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